About Me

Hey there! I'm Saurish Srivastava. I'm a senior at Evergreen Valley High School and I'm currently exploring philosophy and cognitive science—ranging from studying metacognition to neuroimaging—to better understand the intersection of the mind and computer science. I also enjoy web development, and try to make cool things on the web in my freetime.

I lead a few initiatives: Dialexicon, where I host weekly philosophy discussions and run a philosophy podcast; Project enVision U.S., where I'm kickstarting grassroot nonprofits to create a connected community with free and accessible education; Ataraxia, where I help promote neurodiversity, while making hygiene and mental health kits for unhoused populations.

Some of my hobbies include meeting new people on Twitter, volleyball, photography, and debating (qualified to the Tournament of Champions in Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum). If you would like to connect, please shoot me an email at me@saurish.com or via Twitter.

A photo of Saurish