Hey there! I'm Saurish Srivastava. I'm a junior at Evergreen Valley High School, located in the capital of the Silicon Valley: San Jose. I love coding and enjoy messing around in different areas of computer science! I'm currently exploring bioinformatics ā€“ ranging from medical computer vision to genome sequencing ā€“ to understand the intersection of biology and computer science.

I'm a hobbyist photographer (mostly nature). You can see some of my shots on my Unsplash page.

I'm also an avid debater! I participate in Varsity Lincoln Douglas on the National Circuit and read a variety of different arguments. I mostly engage in critical literature and philosophical bases.

Iā€™m the president and executive director at Project enVision U.S., a non-profit organization dedicated to the community. Our mission is to create a connected community where education is free and accessible. With COVID-19 removing most in-person contact, we've been committed to helping students from different communities through online services. I'm in charge of leading all active projects, managing the team, and teaching!

A photo of Saurish