Happy New Years!

Saurish Srivastava / January 01, 2022

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Happy New Years!


2021 has without question been a strange year. The devastating, disastrous COVID-19 pandemic has shattered economies, exacerbated struggles, and reduced quality-of-life for those all over the planet. It’s pushed students to explore the depths of online learning and even fostered the questioning of the role of the student, as well as the role of education itself. With the transition of digital learning back to in-person learning (although admittedly a difficult one), there was hope for a post-COVID era that returns us back to “normal” (whatever that means). Unfortunately, the recently rampant Omicron variant has hindered those hopes – although, I’m positive the situation will be far better than the original one in March 2020.

Blog Goals

Leaving 2021 behind shouldn’t be difficult, but entering 2022 with positive outlooks could be. I’ve attempted to counter this by creating goals for this blog (among other tasks). I, personally, want to get more into blogging.

This year, I want to write a blog post once a week. I plan on posting every Saturday with interesting topics; some posts will be long, others will be short, but all will fit a central theme for the blog: deep reflection & intellectual vitality.

I’ve also created a Medium page for my blog, where I plan on posting all my most notable blog posts. It’ll be interesting to see at the end of 2022 how many blog posts actually end up there.